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I finally did it and did a quick and dirty cut and paste job to create this character reference sheet of Denise Unicorn. I used some of the art down below for some of the references. Of course.... I COMPLETELY forgot about mentioning Denise's ability to travel to new universes and dimensions. :) But, oh well! This sheet should be good enough, right? :)


This picture was done by SailorAnna of FurryMuck.  I've seen her art work, and I like it alot. :)   That's why I asked her to draw Denise.  I wanted to at least let people see what I look like on AR.

This picture was done by DMA.  I've seen his art work as well, and I like it alot, too. :)   So I asked him to draw Denise.  In this picture, Denise transforms from her human to her nonmorphic unicorn form.  DMA captures the moment between human and unicorn nicely.

I told CAD_Unicorn of this page.  When he saw the pics of Denise, he was inspired to do a 3D rendering of her.  This is the result. :)

Another Denise pic by CAD_Unicorn.  I came up with the pose... he came up with the rendering.  This time, it's a pic of Denise's unicorn centaur form.

On Friday, September 27, 2002, I came across a uniroo pic that inspired me to do a description for Denise.  That of an unicorn kangaroo.  On Saturday, September 28, 2002, a friend of mine by the name of Garrison Skunk, was inspired by my description to do a drawing.  Here it is. :)
(Garrison doesn't have a webpage setup yet.  But once he does, I'll have the URL here.)

One time, I showed a German Pinocchio TF clip to Edmol (Homepage). When he saw it, he liked it very much. He told me I could take any pic of his and add it as a gift. I then told him that I already have a section dedicated to him on my main website. I asked him if he could draw a pic of Denise. He did. Here it is. :)

One my main website, I recently put up an oekaki BBS. Soon after, I attracted a nice artist by the name of SealSkin. And he (or she), while doing other pics on there, decided to do a pic of my character Denise. One the second time around, SealSkin drew a great but maybe a little odd picture of her. :) This is that picture.

I play a game called "Second Life". There I know an artist by the name of "Satch Flan". We're friends, so he did a picture of Denise. This is that picture.

Brongaar Sondergaard of "Second Life" did a picture of Denise. Here it is.

I had found this one artist on FurAffinity by the name of 'c0sm0' (Homepage). And I noticed that he takes Second Life currency to pay for commissions as well. Since I play SL a lot, I decided to commission him for a pic of Denise. This is the result. :)

This is the second picture that Flinters (Homepage) has done. The first one can be seen in the NSFW section here.

Skyhammer over on Deviant Art (Homepage) had been seeing all the pics of Denise here, so he started working on a pic of Denise as well. This is it. :)

Zenywolf over on Fur Affinity had been doing requests for some drawings. I went over and asked for one. And this is it. Denise needs to be carefull of those weight gain spells. :)

Zho on Fur Affinity (Homepage) was doing sketches on a live video stream. I logged on there and watched. I asked for a drawing of Denise. When you first work with cow transformation spells, make sure you don't target yourself by mistake. :)

Robertge on Fur Affinity and Deviant Art (Fur Affinity, Deviant Art) was offering one dollar sketch commissions. I contacted the artist and asked for and paid for this sketch.

Here's something new. A picture of Denise made by.... me! Yep, this My Little Pony picture was put together by myself... with the help of a template file of course. Recently, a new MLP cartoon has been released. It's really good! They are considered the G4 (generation 4) line of ponies. I wanted to see what Denise would look like as a MLP. If you're wanting to make your own pony using the same template I used, I have it for download here. (G4 My Little Pony Template)

I asked Colley a long time ago about making a MLP styled picture of Denise and her pet cow Eddie. I've finally added that picture here. Colley's DA page is here. (Colley Dogstar's DeviantArt, Direct link to Colley's Picture). And... yes.. her cow is named Eddie. :)

Colley, a long time ago before he did the MLP picture of Denise and Eddie, made a normal version of them together. I put it off.. and put it off.. and put it off. But, I've finally got around to upload that picture on here! Again, Colley's DA page is here. (Colley Dogstar's DeviantArt, Direct link to Colley's Picture).

'Denise looking out into her pasture.' by GlorifiedMop. (DeviantArt, Twitter) I won this Twitter art raffle by GlorifiedMop a few days ago. So, I asked 'em to do a drawing of Denise looking out at her pasture... and this is what they drew. :) So now, here I am posting this here.

Rabbi Tom over on FurAffinity was doing some free Christmas art. I asked for Denise to get drawn in his style. :) Later, he did. This is what he drew. :) He's a great artist, and could really use the commissions.(Rabbi Tom's FurAffinity, Direct Link to Rabbi Tom's Picture)

Now this picture was done right out of the blue. FluffyMaiden over on DeviantArt started doing little doodles of her followers. I happen to be one of them, and she picked me for a drawing. She then drew Denise in her MLP form. Yay! (FluffyMaiden's DeviantArt, Link to FluffyMaiden's Picture)

Yet another picture that was done right out of the blue. SmolSammichOwO over on Twitter sent me this message showing off a chibi picture of Denise! :)

Clovercoin (Twitter) was doing, I think, some free requests on her Twitter or somewhere a long time ago. I submitted Denise to her and she drew this. Yay! I'm finally now getting around to adding it here.