Here is the current news and information about this site.

NEWS:  So.... it's finally a update to the ATFA. It is a sizeable one. But I only added just one artist to the Archive. "cqmorrell". This is his artwork.

359 total images this update

   356 images to the cqmorrell Album

   6 images making 1 new sequence to the cqmorrell Sequence Album

NEWS:  Oh my goodness, it's an update! Why is there an update in over four years? It's because the ATFA has finaly hit the 1,000,000 hits milemarker! Yay!!!! To mark the occasion, I've decided to update the galleries. Unfortiantly it's not all that much, but still, it's an update. And remember, you can now contribute to the page by visiting the "Oekaki BBS" and the regular text BBS that I've setup and still maintain.

92 total images this update

   67 images to the Edmol Album
   2 images to the Flinthoof Album
   3 images to the Skyhammer Album

   20 images making 3 new sequences to the Edmol Sequence Album

NEWS:  Smallish update this time.  I changed the color theme on the main page, new title graphic and button images.  It's gold instead of chrome.  I've also decided to add something new to the ATFA, the ATFA BBS.  This BBS can be accessed fromt he main page.  Please note that I've activated some spam protection in the code.  So, that means that you won't be able to post URLs in the body of the messages.  You can still put the URL into the 'homepage' part and people can click on that.  Finaly, I've been thinking of discontinuing the anon email submission page.  I've been getting spammed by bots that think that is a BBS message submission page.  So, in the next update I may do, is remove the anon email page and just start telling you to use the BBS to contact me if you so wish.

:  Ok.  People, I need your help in finding images.  So, please keep a lookout for anime images of a transformation nature.  Images that are similar to the ones in my gallery.  Don't send them to me.  Just contact me first, then I'll figure out how to get them.


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