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Before you continue to the ATFA Oekaki BBS, you need to know that this BBS will contain adult images. If you are offended by those images or not old enough (not over 18 years old), then turn back now.

If you still here after that, then there's one more thing you need to do. Agree to the following rules below.

What is allowed:

  • Anime styled transformation images (Although I will relax this rule partly, not everyone can draw in an anime style.)

  • You do not have to censor any genitals in the image if you have them. It is purely optional.

  • G, PG, and R rated images

What is NOT allowed:

  • Pure porn images (There's lots of other places out there where you can draw that stuff.)

  • scat and watersports (urine) images

  • torture images (guro/bloody)

  • underage (loli)

  • Really, anything that's extremely graphic in nature.

I agree (Enter)

I do NOT agree (Exit)

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