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This web page contains anime images of a transformation nature.  Most are animal TFs.

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NEWS:  Small update on the year of 2023! The News has the details.

NEWS:  Small update on the new year! Again, the News has all the details.

NEWS:  Big update on Christmas! Check News for more details!

NEWS: I need your help in finding images.  Read News for more details. 
Update 9/25/23
News:  Current information about this web site.
Update 9/25/23
Gallery:  Here is were the images are stored.
Update 1/3/00
Gift CG:  Here are images that were given to me as gifts.
Oekaki BBS:  Upload your own 'scribble' transformation images.
BBS:  This is a text only BBS that you can use to post any general transformation topics.
E-mail:  You can now send me email anonymously.
Update 3/30/08
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